In the summer of 1997, my mother was diagnosed with Lupus.  Since then, I've searched the internet for information.  I've discovered that Lupus is not a well-known disease among the general public, and those who are forced to dance with the "Wolf", as the Latin "lupus" is translated, are misunderstood by friends, family and co-workers.  
     Lupus is a mimic disease whose sufferers are often diagnosed with and suffer from a multitude of ailments before the Lupus is correctly diagnosed.  Symptoms range from mild to wholly debilitating, and the "lupie" will likely experience both extremes, much to the confusion of observers.  "But you look fine!" or "But you were fine yesterday!" or even "But you could barely move last time I saw you!" are common refrains to the lupus-sufferer.  People just don't understand how fast or slow symptoms appear and disappear or realize that the effects of the disease are not always visible.  
     My mom has to depend on chemical tests to tell her how she's actually doing and to determine her medicines and doseages.  Some days she's only in moderate pain, while other days she shuffles along in extreme pain.  Sometimes that shuffling has *invited* annoyed ridicule, not always hidden, from observers.  Mom says nothing.  Like many with Lupus, Mom is not a complainer and does not want to use the disease as an excuse even though it is usually the cause of whatever perceived behavior (really just a visible symptom of the internal physical ailment) is troubling her.  
     In late 1998 Mom's doctor decided she could stop taking prednisone!  But in late 1999, after my grandpa died of stomach cancer, Mom had to begin taking prednisone again.  She also appears to have Fibromyalgia--or at least enough pain to feel like she has Fibromyalgia.  Nevertheless, like many with Lupus who don't want the disease to *stop* them, she continues to volunteer at the local hospital and other places.
     I hope this page will be useful to others who are interested in Lupus for whatever reason.
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