This is a transcription of the journal I kept while a friend and I were on a Grand Tour of Europe in the summer of 1993.  I'll abbreviate everyone's name, since they don't all want to be on the web.  And someday I hope to add pictures.
                                                                                                            16 June 1993
                                                                                    Westgate, Kent, England
    We arrived by plane at Heathrow Airport yesterday.  D.A. picked us up and took us back to Westgate.  I was asleep before we were even out of the airport area!  I tried to sleep on the plane but wasn't very successful.  It seems that a spy-movie plot seeped into my dreams.  When my friend D. tried to wake me up for "supper" in the wee hours of the morning, I rather loudly told her to "Be quiet!  They'll hear you and know where we are."  I was certain we were hiding on a below street-level staircase, observing the bad guys.  So, after that narrow escape, ha!, I did not sleep on the plane.
    D.A. stopped at a pub en-route from Heathrow to Westgate so we could have a snack.  D. and I ordered jacket potatoes (baked potatoes in the U.S.A.).  After that, we drove on to Westgate and met D.A.'s wife S. 
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